Foundation Heartbreak

Every single home I have shown to potential buyers has had foundation problems. OK. Maybe not. That is a stretch. But almost every house has something going on that elicits a comment from one of the buyers, or even myself, about potential … [Read more...]

Showings That Sell: 6 Expert Staging Tips

After the steps have been taken to stage your home to sell and great photos have been taken in order to get buyers in the door, it’s important to be able to maintain this look for however long it takes to sell the home. Most likely you’ve already … [Read more...]

To Hire or Not to Hire (a Paint Contractor) . . . That is the Question.

 The following is a guest post by Jason Kyle Sapp of Kyle Developing LLC with some advice on how to decide if you should hire someone to paint your house or tackle that job yourself. Jason has been running his family business in the New Braunfels … [Read more...]

Find Hidden Money in Your Home

You might be missing out on potential benefits that will reduce your taxes. Okay. I'll admit it. Tax exemptions isn't exactly a sexy topic. But saving money that you've already worked hard to earn is important to everyone. And if you use those … [Read more...]

What The House? What is an Egress Window?

"This house has a really cool basement with a cool room and bathroom, but the room isn't listed as a bedroom. Why doesn't it count as a bedroom?" This is a question a client asked me today and I remember wondering the same thing about a previous … [Read more...]

Immersion Therapy: National Good Neighbor Day Is Coming Up

I need help. I need therapy. Self prescribed immersion therapy. I will face my weakness and make myself do what I have never been good at. I will become a good neighbor.  I don't know of events that New Braunfels has for this day, because I … [Read more...]

Credit for Mortgage Planning

 The following is a guest post by Candy Williams of Ameripro Funding with some advice on how to prepare your credit for the mortgage process. Candy has built a great reputation with New Braunfels home buyers by sticking with them through the whole … [Read more...]