I Heart New Braunfels – Wurstfest

One More Reason Why I Heart New Braunfels: Wurstfest I'm not German, but New Braunfels loves me anyway. German heritage and culture are an important part of the New Braunfels community which truly shows during Wurstfest. Starting as a one day … [Read more...]

I Heart New Braunfels – Hiking Trails

One More Reason Why I Heart New Braunfels: Hiking Trails It's finally cooling off enough to go outside again. The Comal Country Fair Parade is my mental reminder that falls is actually here. In New Braunfels that doesn't really mean cold weather, … [Read more...]

I Heart New Braunfels – Comal County Fair Parade

One More Reason Why I Heart New Braunfels: Fair Parade I moved to New Braunfels in 2001 and the first big culture shock I got was "Fair Day". I actually thought people were messing with me when they said that everything was closed (including the … [Read more...]

What The House? What is an Egress Window?

"This house has a really cool basement with a cool room and bathroom, but the room isn't listed as a bedroom. Why doesn't it count as a bedroom?" This is a question a client asked me today and I remember wondering the same thing about a previous … [Read more...]

Immersion Therapy: National Good Neighbor Day Is Coming Up

I need help. I need therapy. Self prescribed immersion therapy. I will face my weakness and make myself do what I have never been good at. I will become a good neighbor.  I don't know of events that New Braunfels has for this day, because I … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Design Style? Quiz Time!

This weekend I stumbled across a "Design Style Quiz" and took it just for fun. The fact is I always think I know my style, but I don't think I have one. Or technically, I guess my style could be named "I know it when I see it and it doesn't have to … [Read more...]