Do You Have a Design Style? Quiz Time!

This weekend I stumbled across a “Design Style Quiz” and took it just for fun. The fact is I always think I know my style, but I don’t think I have one. Or technically, I guess my style could be named “I know it when I see it and it doesn’t have to match anything else I have.” I am assuming that most people would call that eclectic. The next thing I knew I was googling and taking quiz after quiz in hopes that one of these quizzes would tell me my style and point me to some magical store that had only things I like and can afford (World Market gets pretty close). No such luck. But it was a fun adventure. What is your design style?


1. The original Quiz that led to an hour of “research” was from Sauder furniture: Find Your Style


2. Better Homes and Gardens did not help me find the perfect replacement light fixture for the giant nipple fan/light that is currently in my dining room: Decorating Style


3. Real Simple made me work a little harder: What’s Your Decorating Personality?



4. Chambers Design Company: What is your design style?

5. HGTV: Test Your Design IQ

6. Sproost: Discover your personal style, then check out home furnishings that match your style

7.  Stylish Home: Style Maker – A Visual Quiz

8. My Design Guide: Stylefinder

9. HomeGoods (called me “Urban Funk” – I like it!): Stylescope

10. TLC: What’s Your Home Decor Style?


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