Immersion Therapy: National Good Neighbor Day Is Coming Up

I need help. I need therapy. Self prescribed immersion therapy. I will face my weakness and make myself do what I have never been good at.

I will become a good neighbor.

new_braunfels_neighbors I don’t know of events that New Braunfels has for this day, because I have never been a good neighbor before. We only moved into our current neighborhood about 4 months back, but I really love it and I’m trying to change my bad neighbor ways. I really enjoyed my last neighborhood, but I did not participate in events and rarely took the time to chat as everyone else did. I liked my last neighbors, I just let my life get too busy to stop and say hello. I have been looking into things I can do to get more involved here. I have met quite a few people and they are all great. The best way I have met neighbors was when Jack (my 8-year-old entrepreneur) set up a stand to sell bracelets. We are close to the end of the neighborhood and so many people stopped to chat and ask him about his venture. We have really sweet neighbors here. Then the awful summer heat came and we haven’t left our house.

I want to learn more about my HOA, but when I ask a neighbor (several different ones) they literally start laughing at me (bad sign?). I started a Facebook group for our neighborhood and I really encourage others to do the same. I got the idea when I noticed there is a great group for the Dove’s Crossing neighborhood here in New Braunfels and also for Quail Valley. They post questions about water pressure and lost pets. They post about garage sales and other events. Ours hasn’t quite taken off yet, but it has promise. It’s also handy to update your neighbors when there is suspicious activity going on.

Several people in town have been starting neighborhood watch groups and a few have been having movies-on-the-lawn nights. I don’t think I know enough neighbors to set that up, but I’m ready to pitch in. I hear my ‘hood might be having a gathering coming soon and I already volunteered.

I have one month to get ready for National Good Neighbor Day. I’m working on my plan. It probably won’t be huge, but you have to start somewhere. Maybe I can find out if we have any elderly people in our neighborhood and start bringing my kids around more? See if they need help with errands? This all reminds me that I need to sign back up for Meals on Wheels. It was my favorite volunteer program and the only reason I quit was because my job began to require me to be available to travel to San Marcos or Seguin each day. Obviously that has changed! Below I have posted some links to articles I was reading about this to gather ideas. Please let me know if your neighborhood does anything. I would love to hear your stories.


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Article Name
National Good Neighbor Day for New Braunfels
National Good Neighbor Day is on Saturday, September 28, 2013.

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